Staging and Preparing Real Estate for a Sale

If you have real estate that you need to sell, there are many ways you can prep and stage your home.  Most sellers want to get rid of their real estate as quickly as possible and for as much money as possible.  This is not done by luck and chance alone.  It takes careful planning and knowing how to make the home look professional and cozy at the same time.  Here are a few ways you can prepare your real estate in order to make a fast sale.

One of the first things you need to do is disassociate yourself with your home.  Remind yourself that while the real estate may have been your house for many years, it will not be yours for much longer.  If you think of the house as property and not a home, it will be easier for you to look at it with another point of view in mind.  You will need to let go of any emotions you have for the real estate and focus on the fact that you are leaving the house behind.  Picture yourself handing over the keys and leaving the house forever.  Look to the future and this will allow you to get through the present.

Once you disassociate yourself with the house, it is time to pack up as many personal items as you can find.  That means taking down family pictures, putting away distinctive heirlooms and other personal artifacts.  These items distract buyers and do not allow them to picture themselves in the home.  You want the buyers to imagine their own items in the real estate property and not yours.

Everyone has a fair amount of junk and clutter around their houses, though some have more than others.  You need to go through your house and decide what you can get rid of or hide in order to make the house look more inviting and tidy.  When you look through the items you have lying around, ask yourself if you need it.  If you do not, throw it out or donate it.  You will also want to pack up your statues and knickknacks, take your books off your bookcases, and clear the kitchen counters.  Put the items you are still using in a small box that you can easily remove from the closet and put the rest completely out of sight.  This process will help you with your eventual move and you will be glad you have a head start.

Buyers tend to snoop through every aspect of the home so you can expect them to open closet, pantry, and cabinet doors.  Make sure things look neat and orderly inside so they are not assaulted with an untidy and uninviting image.

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