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Simple Steps for Maintaining Your Central Air Conditioning in Auburn WA

Air Conditioning in Auburn WA is a climate control system for controlling the properties of air such as temperature and humidity. This system also filters out unwanted particulates that can cause health problems for household occupants. To keep this from happening, it’s important to perform regular maintenance on your central Air Conditioning in Auburn WA. Use the following guidelines for this job.

Before you start working on your AC unit, ensure your protection by disconnecting power to the AC system. Do this at the main entrance panel or a separate entrance panel. Also, learn where the two main parts of the AC system are located. The evaporator is situated in the plenum above the furnace. The condenser is located outside the home, usually on a flat surface such as a concrete slab.

Start your upkeep by accessing the evaporator. There may be insulation around the plenum. Carefully remove this covering without destroying the adhesive. Underneath the insulation, remove the screws on the access plate of the plenum. Once this is open, gently pull the evaporator out as far as it will go without detaching it from any pipes it’s connected to. Use a stiff brush to clean all sides of the evaporator. You may have to use a large mirror to view the backside as you clean it. Clean the tray under the evaporator that moves condensation away from this unit. Remove the tray to clean it with a mixture of bleach and water. Use a sponge to wipe the residue off the surface of this tray. Replace the evaporator, access plate, and insulation after performing these actions.

Continue your maintenance by removing all vines, weeds, and grass from the area the condenser is in. Use a commercial coil cleaner to clean the condenser. You can remove accumulated substances in between the fins with a fin comb. A spirit level will help ensure that the condenser is level.

Cleaning the evaporator and condenser will help prolong the useful life of your AC unit. Reading the owner’s manual and following general safety guidelines will allow you to do this efficiently and simply.

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