Resolving Hidden Water Damage Issues

Nearly 25 percent of all home insurance claims in the U.S. are related to water damage. Phoenix water damage restoration companies are often busy helping customers to restore their property after an appliance or pipe breaks, they experience sewage back-up, have problems with a leaky roof, or are victims of a natural disaster, such as a flash flood. While a quarter of all home insurance claims are related to water damage, more than a third of those report serious loss of property.

In some instances, water damage in Phoenix, AZ can progress slowly without any awareness of it on the part of the homeowner. It doesn’t always have to be on the level of a flash flood, but can be hidden inside your walls due to a cracked pipe or a small drip that increases over time, flooding the insides of your walls or the crawlspace underneath your house, possibly producing black water or toxic mold. Poor roofing can also result in a bad leak that fills up the attic of which a homeowner may be completely unaware until in the midst of a heavy rainstorm the ceiling suddenly begins to sag and water pours into the living room.

It is important, therefore, to take note of some of the signs of a slow leak and hidden flooding. Pay attention if you see water stains on the ceiling, for instance, or wet spots in cabinetry or other places that should not be wet. Seemingly small problems can quickly develop into big ones. Dampness anywhere unexpected, the smell of mold, and unexpectedly high water bills are three signs that should be taken seriously as evidence of possible water damage.

If a hot water pipe bursts under your concrete slab, you may not notice anything until it’s too late. The water can flood underneath the surface of your carpet and cause it to be slightly damp or warmer in spots, growing mold and mildew and ruining the underlying structure of your home. You may notice your pet finding a favorite spot to lie in an unlikely place, such as the middle of the room, due to hot water providing a heated surface, or you may be able to detect warmer spots yourself. Peeling paint, condensation, and a musty smell of mold are all signs that you may have hidden damage occurring to due flooding in your attic, walls, crawlspace, and under the cement slab of the house.

Calling a restoration company is the first step to detecting where flooding may be present and where damage may be occurring. Not only is standing water anywhere in the home a waste of resources and destructive to your property, but as the water grows stagnant and grows mold, it becomes toxic and dangerous. A water damage or removal company in Phoenix can usually resolve flooding and irrigation problems relatively quickly.

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