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Reasons To Spay And Neuter In Chandler, AZ

As many as 300,000 animals are euthanized every year when they are not adopted out of local state shelters. What that means is that there are millions of dogs, cats and other household pets that are loving and deserving of homes but have no where to go. One of the biggest solutions to this overwhelming problem is to have your animals fixed so they can’t have any more litters. Visit your local Spay and Neuter Chandler AZ clinic to find out how to help with this enormous problem and threat to animals.

For starters, even the most dedicated animal owner can have an accident and lose their pet from time to time. Whether it be losing an animal on a walk, jumping a fence or even darting out the door when it is opened, an animal can escape in a second. When this happens and your animal is in heat, you can guarantee that they will not be satisfied until they have met up with a mate. Your animal may return to you safely, but that quick trip outside may have produced babies.

If protecting the environment is not enough of a just cause for you to visit the local Spay and Neuter Chandler AZ clinic, then perhaps what it could do for your home will make a difference. An animal that is not fixed likes to mark their territory excessively. While getting them fixed will not stop them from from going to bathroom, it will keep them from marking in order to attract a mate.

Another behavioral change that will occur in your animal after they have been fixed is that they have a milder temperament. It will not change the spirit of the dog or their natural tendencies that you have grown to love in their breed, but it will mellow out their more extreme tendencies. Most animal owners appreciate this more relaxed demeanor.

Lastly, if you can’t afford to have your dog seen by a doctor to fix this problem, there are many clinics that can help. Recognizing that fixing your animal is the only way to help save literally millions of animals is just the beginning. There are many organizations that are willing to help.

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