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Planning Your Party Menu

Planning the menu for your party is important. Regardless as to how large or small your budget is, you have to think about the types of foods that will appeal to your guests, and whether or not to hire a caterer, or tackle the task on your own. If you’re planning a large party, then you should find a catering hall in Long Island to accommodate your guests. Here are some tips on tackling the menu.

Keep it Simple

When the details are too much to handle, you can do yourself a favor and keep the menu simple. Plan to have finger foods for mingling, and a set menu for dinner. This should consist of no more than two meats and 2-3 side dishes. With a smaller variety to choose from, planning the meals should be easier, and less expensive. Look for a catering hall in Long Island that can handle this for you.

Add the Classics

There are some foods that will always be a hit during any party. These include shrimp, chicken and fish. Try to incorporate these dishes into the dinner, and don’t go overboard on the sides. Garden salad is another popular menu item, and so are potatoes. Most people won’t have any allergies to these types of foods, and they’re generally easy to prepare. You could add a twist to a simple meal by adding a few extra spices to the ingredients.

Whether you hire a catering hall in Long Island, or prepare the food in your own kitchen, these tips can help take the stress out of planning your party menu. If you’re stumped in this area, ask a few of the guests what they would like in order to get some meal ideas. Buffet style meals are easier on you, but could leave some of your guest’s empty-handed. Keep this in mind when you’re finalizing the dinner details. By using classic dishes and limiting the number of foods that you serve, you can easily plan and execute a successful party dinner that your attendees will be more than satisfied with. To make the process easier, you should book your party with a venue that offers catering services as part of their overall facility service. The venue should be licensed, and have a reputation for hosting quality events.

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