Paralegal Studies from Online Colleges

If you are interested in paralegal work or legal assisting, you can easily obtain the required skills, degrees or certificates through online colleges that offers related courses. In fact you will be prepared with the required skills within a short period of two years. A number of reputed online colleges and universities offer certifications and associate’s degrees in paralegal programs.

However many people believe that online college degrees in paralegal studies, are inferior to regular college degrees. But the reality is that the former is as comprehensive, as the latter. Moreover, the students who study for online college degrees usually gain certain additional technical skills like thorough knowledge about working with computer programs and multimedia materials.

Benefits of online paralegal programs:

  • Most of the online colleges offer several outstanding features for their paralegal students. One such feature is the one-to-one interaction, between students and trainers, as well as between fellow students.
  • The paralegal students of an online college usually receive regular class assignments and personalized and constructive feedback from their faculties, regarding each of their projects.
  • The students are allowed to work in collaboration with other online students, co-operating with each other with the help of advanced technologies. They are also given a detailed training on such technologies.

Subjects included in an online paralegal program:

The curriculums of online college degrees generally include:

  • Business Law I: This paper incorporates business crimes, employment and negotiation, contracts and agencies.
  • Business Law II: It includes a variety of subjects such as agency principles and liabilities, corporations, bailment, partnerships, negotiable securities and stockholders.
  • Introduction to Legal Assisting: The subjects that fall under this paper are litigation projects, legal terminology and bibliography.
  • Civil Litigation
  • Claims Investigation
  • Wills
  • Civil and Criminal Evidence
  • Tort Law
  • Trust and Probate Administration
  • Marriage and Family Law
  • Basic Probate Administration
  • Legal Writing
  • Legal Research Laboratory
  • Property and Creditor Rights

Some important facts about online paralegal courses:

Online Associate’s Degree in paralegal studies usually includes several additional general education courses. However, you can opt for a certificate program in paralegal training, as they are more course-intensive. After completing your online college degrees in paralegal studies, you may even go for an exam that is necessary to become a Certified Legal Assistant. The exam is conducted by the NALA (National Association of Legal Assistants).

Upon successful completion of your bachelor’s degree in paralegal studies, you can take the National Federation of Paralegal Associations exam. Clearing this examination is necessary for practicing as a Registered Paralegal (RP).

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