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Insulation Foam Wichita KS: An Informative Guide

Keeping your home warm and humidity free can easily be achieved with the use of proper air conditioning. However, what most people do not understand is that a house that is not properly insulated will strain your AC in order to keep overcoming any air leakages into the house through cracks and openings. This makes it necessary to insulate well to save on your electricity bills. Insulation foam has been used for ages in helping people seal off their homes. Browse website for more details.

Where to use insulation foam

Both new and old homes may require insulation using sprayed foam to complement other insulation techniques. Cavities in the wall are some of the common areas where this foam is useful. Small cavities make it uneconomical to employ most of the insulation methods leaving foam as the best alternative.

Irregular walls where traditional fiberglass cannot be used in providing the needed insulation can also be handled using foam insulation. Walls that are in areas such as the attic can also greatly benefit from it.


When it comes to insulation foam Wichita KS residents can get several benefits from using it.

The most important benefit of using this method is saving energy costs. It is known to reduce heat loss by up to 50% making it more effective than any other technique.

Those who use foam insulation do not only get to keep their homes warm but free from noise. Air borne sounds from outside can be reduced or eliminate by walls where this foam was used. This is because it acts as a sound barrier.

Since the moisture is eliminated when you use this technique, it makes it impossible for growth of mold or mildew. This helps keep your home tidy, and you also do not worry about rotting wood that is usually associated with these two.

Insulation foam is the easiest way to have your home warmed as well as safe from rodents like rats and squirrels. Although you can choose to install it yourself, it is pertinent that you have the entire house covered to avoid your effort going to waste. Therefore, you may need to have it professionally done by enlisting NorthStar Comfort Services to do the job for you.

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