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Important Considerations When Choosing A Veterinarian

If you are moving to a new city or location and you have pets finding a top vet and animal hospital is an important part of the relocation process. A good option is to ask your current vet if he or she can recommend a veterinarian close by where you are moving. Often vets, especially those that have years of experience, have a good network of professional contacts both locally as well as nationally.

Location Counts

In the event that your current vet can’t provide a reference or if you are a new pet owner you will have to do your own research to find a great veterinarian to work with your pet or pets. Searching online will help you to narrow down the animal hospitals and vet clinics in your area. It really does make sense to choose a local veterinarian since this cuts down on travel time and also ensures that you are less likely to put off important regular visits.

However, in addition to finding a veterinarian that is close to your location, you should also make sure that you get answers to the following questions before scheduling your first appointment.

Areas of Service the Veterinarian Provides

You should certainly ask during you initial phone conversation, what the areas of service or specialization that the clinic or animal hospital provides. This includes if they handle emergency cases, basic surgical procedures, preventative health, vaccinations, general medicine and of course dental care for you pets.

Animals and Specializations

You will also need specifically as the veterinarian, or his or her receptionist or vet tech, if they care for your species of animal or if they have knowledge and experience with any chronic illness or condition your pet may have. While small animal vets typically cover all areas of health for dogs, cats and other mammals, not all will provide services for birds, reptiles, amphibians or exotic animals.

It is always a good idea to look for a veterinarian that has a significant amount of experience but that also stays up to date with the latest in technology. Ask about types of technology used in the facility such as ultrasound, radiology and in-house labs to determine if your vet can offer you and your pets the most current treatment options.

A top veterinarian is an important part of your animal’s well-being and your piece of mind. To see more about our vets visit us at

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