How to Prevent Hearing Aid Repairs

A major part of owning a hearing aid, is its maintenance and repair. Most repairs are done within the first year of use. The proper care of your hearing aid can save you money, and lots of trouble in the long run. This makes their maintenance a top priority to anyone who owns them.

Hearing Aid Repairs North Hills can be costly, depending on their make and model. Older hearing aids can cost more to fix than newer ones, because the parts may be harder to find. You will have to pay more if you have to send it to the manufacturer for repairs. To prevent an extremely large repair bill, make sure that your dealer carries a good warranty. Each dealer’s warranty will be different, but you should be able to find one that covers repairs for an extended period of time. All warranties will cover repairs in case of bad workmanship or faulty parts. These warranties should be at least a full year in length. If the warranty doesn’t cover the repairs, some insurance plans will.

Two of the biggest reasons for Hearing Aid Repairs North Hills, is moisture and a build up of earwax. This is usually the cause of about 3/4 of all repairs. This can also be prevented by simply cleaning your hearing aid daily. Another reason for repairs is the electronics shorting out. Over a long period of time, electronics wear out, and your hearing aids may need new wiring. The receivers will need to be replaced. Smaller hearing aids need more repair and maintenance than larger ones. This means that completely-in-the-canal hearing aids are the most often in need of repair. It’s not because they are fragile and break easily, but because they require more regular maintenance than other types of hearing aids. They are also the most sensitive when it comes to ear wax buildup.

It is recommended that you take your hearing aid to an audiologist for its repair, rather than the supplier. The supplier does not know how to fix the delicate workings of the hearing aid. In order to keep from spending a fortune on repairs, make sure you clean your hearing aid daily. Keeping it clean is the best maintenance for it, and you will have less trouble in the long run. Get in touch with Francis Audiology, who are hearing professionals and will support your every need

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