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How to Choose the Best Hair Replacement Phoenix Technique

Today, hair loss is not a problem reserved for the old, but the youth also. A lot of young people are balding, and some of them are ready to do anything just to have their hair back. There are various techniques that doctors can use to accomplish this. We will discuss some of the common ones in order to help such men choose the best hair replacement Phoenix technique.

Follicular unit hair transplant is widely considered as the most effective hair transplant technique. Employing state of the art stereo microscopes, this method ensures that your hair follicles are replaced one at a time while preventing damage of the remaining hair follicles. This way, its results, have a natural appeal with more than 95% success rate. However, it is costly and leaves a scar where the graft was harvested.

Follicular unit extraction is rapidly gaining popularity as a scarless hair transplant method. Hair grafts are usually harvested using tiny punches. This ensures that no scar is left behind while harvesting the hair. It goes a long way in guaranteeing permanent hair restoration and regrowth making it an ideal method for those who want to shave regularly or keep a short hair due to the elimination of scarring. Having hair replacement through this method requires a lot of time since each follicle has to be harvested and replanted on its own.

Cell therapy has been common in cardiology and many forms of plastic surgeries. This technique is also slowly finding its way in hair restoration. Typically, your blood is spun to isolate growth factor proteins which are useful in healing. After the isolation, these proteins are added to your scalp to stimulate hair regrowth and also stop ongoing hair loss. It can be used on its own but can be effective when combined with another hair replacement technique.

Sometimes, it may be necessary to remove part of your hairless scalp and stretch your hair bearing skin to cover up the area. This is employed in a technique referred to as scalp reduction. It has been proven to be useful in covering back and top of the head baldness.

Your physician should be able to guide you on the method that he or she deems as appropriate in fixing your hair loss. You can also find the best hair replacement Phoenix specialist who will be able to give you the hair that you need when you click here.

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