How to Choose a School for Court Reporting Training

If you want to go into court reporting, you likely know that you will need some training in order to find a job in the field.  The problem is, you do not know how to go about finding a school in which to receive your court reporting training.  When you want to be trained in any area, you need to find a school that has a training program that is recognized in the field.  That means you will first look for a program that is recognized by the licensing authorities within the jurisdiction that you want to establish your career.

Once you find out that the schools you are looking into are recognized and offer legitimate training in court reporting, you can then look into the costs of those courses.  There are also course schedules to think about and whether or not the courses offered will teach you the skills you will need for the type of court reporting you want to do once you are out working in the industry.

The qualifications you will need for your court reporting career might vary depending on the state and jurisdiction in which you live and work.  There are a number of different techniques that court reporters use and the methods are sometimes taught in different ways.  As an aspiring court reporter, you will need to make sure you will have the right skills and methods for the jobs you wish to pursue.  You might want to get trained in all of the methods or you might want to specialize in one area.  If you have a background in all of the methods, you can then move on to do some on the job training before you begin your real job in order to pick up on the subtle differences your real job will require.

No matter what method you choose, you will need to make sure you understand the various methods of courtroom speech and activity so you can record every word and gesture that occurs within the courtroom.  Court reporting is important to the legal proceeding and you will need to be able to listen closely and record accurately.  Practice these skills whenever you can so that you will get good at them.  You will also get faster as you go, which is always a plus since sometimes people talk rather quickly.

You may not need formal education in order to start court reporting, but you will likely have to have continuing education to maintain your certification once you have it.  These courses are often offered through the academy of court reporting and you will have to renew your certification in order to keep up with the changes in the field.

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