How to carry out routine area rug maintenance yourself:

Now here’s something you can do yourself. There’s no need to call “the guy” and have him come over to do your routine area rug maintenance. The rug is mobile if you just get up the energy to move the few pieces of furniture off it. You can flip it over, get underneath it and clean the backing as well as the rug itself. These simple steps will prolong the life of your rug and when it is time to have it professionally cleaned, the results will have the rug looking like you just brought it home from the showroom. These area rugs can cost you some serious money so take care of it and treat it like the investment it is.

What to do

The first thing you need to know is what kind of an area rug you have. Don’t laugh; there are people that have no clue. They bought it because it looked nice and the colour scheme matched the décor of the room. If you’re not sure, read the label that’s attached to the run in the inconspicuous, you’ll never see it place. Yeah, it’s right there where that square piece of white something is sticking out from under the rug on the upper right corner … very observant. You want to know if the rug is made of synthetic fibre or is it made from wool fibre. It makes a difference, so check it out.

Tip #1

The next thing you want to do is vacuum it at regular intervals. Some say every 30 days, others every two weeks and the real go getters do it once a day. Pick your poison and go with it. My general rule of thumb is if it’s in a high traffic area like at the front door, do it more often. If it’s in a room that gets used once a week, vacuum it less often. The tip here is to vacuum both sides of the rug. That way you’ll pull the soil out from both sides and end up with a cleaner job. This is also where the knowledge of what kind of rug you have is of value. If you have a synthetic fibre rug, vacuum both side using the beater bar on your machine. It will agitate the fibres and loosen up the soil and dirt. If you have a wool rug, DO NOT use the beater bar on the fibre side of the rug. You will vacuum up the fine wool rug fibres and shorten the life span of the rug. You can turn the beater bar back on when you vacuum the backing side.

Tip #2

A lot of area rugs have intricate colour schemes and designs in them. That’s what makes them attractive, right? Anyway, that also introduces some considerations when cleaning spots and stains. Many of the carpet cleaners on the market are made for wall to wall carpeting that isn’t so intricately patterned. You want to make sure the cleaner you’re going to use won’t make the colours run. We all know what happens when you run red into yellow, right? Yep, you guessed it, orange. That’s not a good thing. Use a plain white towel to colour test the effect of the cleaner in an inconspicuous place before you douse the whole rug with it. Otherwise, you might get the pet stain up but you also might change the whole character of the rug and not for the better.

An experienced rug cleaner provides full rug cleaning service in London which prevents allergies from flaring up. It also lessens the effects of dirt and ware on rug fibres.
Good luck and keep that rug radiant and bright for years to come.

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