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How to Avoid Jewelry Appraisal Scams

If you own a piece of jewelry that no longer suits your style, then you may want to consider getting it appraised so that you can sell it for a profit. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find a reputable establishment in which to have your jewelry appraised. It can be especially daunting to have jewelry appraised when the pieces are made of fine materials or are particularly valuable in comparison to other pieces of jewelry. If you are interested in having a piece of jewelry appraised but are concerned about jewelry appraisal scams, then you have come to the right place. Take a look at the information below to learn how you can avoid “sketchy” appraisal services in order to achieve a professional appraisal.

Choosing A Store
There are a few things you should keep in mind when choosing a jewelry store or establishment from which you intend to receive an appraisal for your piece or pieces of jewelry. Check out these tips before setting foot in an establishment that may be less-than-reputable:
* You should never return to the store from which you bought your jewelry in the first place. This seems like an obvious piece of advice, but you might be surprised by how many individuals trustingly return to the original seller of the jewelry in question. As you can guess, they do not typically walk away with a fair compensation for their jewelry. Avoiding this scenario altogether is a good way to stay clear of scams and underhanded practices.
* Never visit a jewelry appraisal specialist that you have not heard of. Typically, people who are not on the up-and-up are talked about in the community. If you have not heard any “buzz” about the appraiser you are considering, then you may want to simply ask around. More than likely, people will be quite willing to lend you their opinion.

Ask About Certification
Jewelry appraisers do not have to conform to regulations from state or national guidelines; this means that when you walk into an appraiser’s establishment, he or she may not be the expert they claim to be. Fortunately, a system has been devised to help individuals determine the reputability of a given jeweler. The next time you visit a jeweler’s establishment with the intention of using services or purchasing goods, take the time to inquire as to whether or not the jeweler has completed an accredited course in graduate gemology. If you choose a jeweler who fits these guidelines, then trustworthy and knowledgeable jewelry appraisal is practically ensured.

Avoid “Size Happy” Appraisers
If a jewelry appraiser tells you that it will cost more to have a larger diamond or stone appraised, then you may want to choose a different appraiser. It takes no more effort to evaluate a large stone than it does to evaluate a small stone. This means that the extra cost charged for stone size is simply a way to stack another fee onto your bill.

Jewelry appraisal is a good business to be in due to the extreme value of the items being dealt with. Sadly, many appraisers use tricky methods to convince customers that they are presenting piece of jewelry that is worth little. Obviously, shady jewelers then seek to gain a huge profit from selling the jewelry for its actual worth. In order to avoid this all too common pitfall, keep the tips above in mind. With a little research and a healthy dose of common sense you can easily have your jewelry appraised with the confidence of knowing your appraisal is sound. For more information visit T N Donnelly & Co

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