Highly Scented Candles Perfume A Room

Scented soy candles have been on the market since the mid 1990s.  Soybean candles got their start when students in Indiana fashioned a birthday candle out of soybean wax. Soybeans are grown in the mid-west and are used in cattle feed.  The soybean wax is used to make really good biodegradable candles that burn in a really clean fashion.

There are several benefits of soy candles over paraffin and beeswax candles.  The soy wax burns 30-50% more slowly than regular candles.  They also burn cooler than other kinds of candles so they are safer around little children and pets.  A soy candle is also biodegradable and is easy to clean up with soap and water.  If the candle container or candle pillar tips over and the candle wax spills, then applying some water and soap will take care of the problem.  This is so much easier than cleaning up after a regular candle.  That clean up requires scraping the wax off, using a spray and wash application to remove the wax buildup, before laundering the fabric. Soy candles also produce less soot and smoke than regular candles; this is something that everybody likes for the environment.  It is important to get a 100% soy candle.  If you buy soy candles and they are not 100% soy content, then there will be some smoking and soot residue because of other additives in the mix.

The initial burn in a soy candle is very important.  If the candle is not burnt long enough then the wax will not burn evenly and it will cause tunneling.  This happens when the burn is too short and the wax tunnels down instead of burning across the container and melting the wax evenly.  This will make the burning time of the candle shorten.  Failing to burn the candle for the correct amount of time will affect the candles ability to scent the room area well.  The distance the candle’s fragrance travels in the room is called the candle’s throw.  When a candle is not sufficiently scented or allowed to burn for a sufficient period of time, then the throw will not be sufficient.  This is the reason that many people really love a candle’s perfume in the store, and then they are disappointed in the candle’s throw when they get it home.  When proper burning techniques are done, then the candle will reach optimum throw.

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