Have You Used Shredding For Your Business? Four Reasons Why Professional Shredding Services Are A Must

In this day and age, data security should be high on any business owner’s list of priorities. However, trying to take care of data security on your own can be quite frustrating and time-consuming. If you’re looking for a way to make your business’ data security more streamlined and efficient, outsourcing your document shredding can help you achieve that goal. Have you used shredding for your business? If not, read on to find out how a professional shredding service can make your business more secure.

      *      Shredding unnecessary documents helps keep your data out of the hands of unscrupulous identity thieves. Unfortunately, using a consumer-grade personal shredder can make this process time consuming, especially if you have a lot of paper to shred. A professional company will use a professional-grade shredder attached to a big truck to make the shredding process move along much more quickly.

      *     Do you know how to ensure that your documents will be unrecoverable to thieves sifting through your trash? A professional shredding company knows how to combine your shredded documents with other types of shredded paper so that no one will be able to simply put the documents back together after shredding.

      *     Hiring a professional shredding company can help save a lot of money. In order for your document disposal to be secure, you’ll need to buy a large, professional grade shredder that will do a better job of destroying the document than a personal shredder can. You’ll also have to pay for maintenance on that machine. A professional shredding company saves you from having to shell out money for any of this, as they will already have access to the machines you need.

      *     Outsourcing your shredding allows you to obtain a Certificate of Destruction from the shredding company. This document gives solid proof that your documents have in fact been destroyed. If you ever end up in a legal battle over data security, this certificate can help prove your case.

Have you used shredding for your business? If not, you’re missing out. Keeping your business data secure is a must not only for the safety of your company, but also for the safety of your employees and clients. Get in contact with a professional shredding company today to discover more about how outsourcing your shredding can save you time, money, and frustration and help give you greater peace of mind about the security of your information.

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