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Get Your Carpets Truly Clean With Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning in Minneapolis

One of the most obvious surfaces in your home are the floors. People notice your floors from the moment they step into your home. For some people, maintaining the carpet on those floors can be the most difficult tasks in housekeeping. Carpets tend to collect a lot of dirt which gets ground into the fibers over time. It can also be one of the largest stain catchers in the home. Household carpet cleaners do a fair job of cleaning the surface stains and most of the top layer of dirt, but they aren’t really designed for a thorough Carpet Cleaning in Minneapolis.

There are several techniques that are used in household carpet cleaning such as hot water extraction, dry cleaning and shampooing. Out of these Carpet Cleaning in Minneapolis methods the shampoo cleaning system is probably the oldest, but it is also the least used in the industry due to the strain it puts on the carpet fibers. Most shampoo methods use a rotary cleaning machine that pulls at the carpet while scrubbing the flooring. Once the scrubbing is done the floor is vacuumed to remove as much shampoo residue as possible. Unfortunately, this method still leaves a lot of chemicals in the carpet fibers.

The current method of choice for most Carpet Cleaning in Minneapolis specialists is the hot water extraction technique, incorrectly known by many people as steam cleaning. While there is an actual industrial cleaning method that uses steam, it is rarely used in home carpet cleaning. The main advantage to the hot water extraction method is the ability to clean the carpets with little to no chemical detergents. By removing harsh chemicals from the process your carpets get cleaned without damaging the fibers. In fact, hot water extraction is the method of cleaning suggested by most carpet manufacturers.

The hot water extraction method used by companies like Steamatic of the Twin Cities is gentle to the carpet while providing the most thorough clean possible. Because there are no soapy residues your carpets won’t attract dirt and the cleaning will last longer. Plus, the hot water system uses less water during the cleaning process which speeds the drying time and helps to avoid any occurrence of mold, mildew or harmful bacteria developing in the carpet.



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