Choosing the Rights Washroom Accessories in Philadelphia PA

Part of owning a business is making sure employees have access to the basic amenities. That includes washrooms that are fully outfitted. Here are some examples of Washroom Accessories Philadelphia PA that should be provided without fail.

Paper Towel Dispensers and Air Dryers

Along with basics like sinks and toilets, paper towel dispenses are among the more important Washroom Accessories Philadelphia PA. Many dispensers are designed to perform double duty. In addition to a chamber containing plenty of paper towels for drying the hands, they also come with a receptacle for the used towels. This makes it all the easier to keep the space neat and tidy.

Depending on the size and layout of the washroom, there is the possibility of installing air dryers near the sinks. Doing so means people have the chance to enjoy a flow of hot air to dry their hands after washing. For people who prefer to not use paper towels, this is a great solution. Steel Doors Inc

Soap Dispensers

Having wall-mounted soap dispensers located in the washroom is also a nice touch. The dispensers should be within easy reach of each of the basins found in the space. Opting for designs that make it easy to obtain a measured amount of liquid soap provides an additional layer of hygiene to the washroom and will go a long way in helping to prevent the spread of germs.

Sanitary Napkin Dispensers

For the ladies, it pays to outfit the washroom with a dispenser for sanitary products like napkins and tampons. This type of courtesy helps to make it much easier to get through the workday and still feel comfortable. Make sure there is a receptacle for used products to be disposed of properly.


For the men, including urinals in the layout of the washroom helps to make the space more efficient. Remember to invest in partitions between each urinal as a way to provide some privacy.

For any business owner who is thinking of updating the washrooms, consult with the team at today. They can come up with ways to make the spaces more functional and efficient. In the long run, investing money in those spaces will allow employees to finish up and get back to work faster.

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