Choosing AC Repair Over New Installation Saves Money

If a homeowner is a person that lives in an area that is typically hot and humid they understand the importance of having an a/c that works properly. If a home that is not the right temperature the tenants of that home will become upset and agitated very quickly due to feeling overheated. If a person’s a/c unit is no longer functioning properly it is important to promptly call AC repair San Antonio to repair the existing unit.

When a unit is no longer producing cold air, or simply won’t turn on, it is important to first contact a repair man. Many people assume that they need to purchase an entirely new a/c unit when the old one fails, however, this isn’t the case. In most instances HVAC repair is an option. In fact, in all cases it is the better option because the cost to repair a unit is less than half of the cost to replace the entire unit! To fix basic repairs on a unit the average price is roughly between $250 and $550. This price includes the parts, labor, and service charge. On the other hand, to install a new hvac system the average cost is approximately between $3,000 to $5,000. This price also includes parts, labor and service charge.

When an a/c unit is no longer functioning as it should the first step is to call a repairman to do an initial consultation. During this consultation the repair contractor will be able to explain what is wrong with the unit, how much it is going to cost to repair it, and how long it will take. In most instances, repair work can be completed in a single day. This is good news for a homeowner who wants to be able to live in a comfortable temperature in their home as soon as possible!

The first thing many individuals think about when they first learn about their unit not functioning properly is they have to replace the entire unit, which is extremely costly. Luckily, there is an alternative to this method that is less than half of the cost and half of the hassle!

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