Cell Phones – Love ’em or Hate ’em?

It wasn’t all that long ago that we had three simple choices if we wished to communicate with someone.

1. We visited and spoke face to face.
2. We wrote them a letter.
3. You used a telephone attached to a land line to call them up on their telephone

Now, it’s all different and we have so many ways to communicate with each other. The young take this for granted and think it is great. The older generation have mixed views; maybe the technology is not fully understood and becomes daunting or maybe they do not want to have the whole world communicating with them without any by your leave? The first cellular telephones were almost a gimmick – very large, heavy, short battery life and restrictive in whom you could communicate with, where or when. But then, overnight, everything changed. Little tiny things that you could put in your pocket and everyone had one and the cellular networks covered almost everywhere. They were no longer a gimmick – they had become an essential part of everyday life. Young and old, everyone was going cellular.

Whatever Your View, Can You Live Without One?

It is certainly hard not to be “connected” these days and you are viewed as somewhat anti-social if your cell phone is only switched on when you want to make an outgoing call. Even if you hate the whole interconnected world concept, it is very hard today to stand outside the mainstream and be without an ever available cell phone. So, like it or not, you simply have to “go with the flow” and get one.

Choosing Your Phone

The reality is that, without a network provider, your new cell phone will be nothing more than a lump of electronics that does not really do much. Choosing your service provider is a complicated thing for the uninitiated – there are so many choices of service plans, services provided and payment methods and charges that it can get confusing. A simple decision may be to simply go with one of the most popular – such as Verizon and hope it all works out OK. Next, you have an equally hard hurdle to get over – not only which brand of phone should you get but what sort of functions do you want it to perform?

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