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A Well Maintained Air Conditioner in Columbia TN Will Keep You Cool

An Air Conditioner in Columbia TN is a necessity, not a luxury. With the heat and humidity in the area, everyone needs to be able to get indoors to find cooler air and it is the air conditioning system that provides that cool air. The last thing anyone needs on the hottest day of the summer is for their air conditioner to break down.  The best way to prevent this from happening is to have your cooling system inspected in the spring before the weather starts turning really hot.

A lot of people would like to be able to provide maintenance on their cooling systems themselves as a means to save money. The problem is that both the condenser and the evaporator of an air conditioner is sealed, so it needs a professional service tech to be properly serviced. A service tech from Chiles Heating & Cooling will explain that in a central air conditioner the evaporator and condenser are located in different locations. One will be  in the part of your system that is located outside of the house and the other is usually located in the attic. The units work together but must be serviced separately. Even if you only have room air conditioners, often called window units, you will find that they work basically the same way the central systems do. They are in a single unit, but the condenser and evaporator are both still sealed, so you still need a trained service tech to service them.

Between annual servicing, the home owner can do some simple maintenance to help make sure their Air Conditioner in Columbia TN is operating efficiently. They should periodically check the filters and if they look dirty they should clean or replace them. Window unit air conditioner filters will probably need to have their filters cleaned or replaced more often than a central air system does. This is because cheaper made filters go into these small units. Dirt and clogged filters is the worst enemy of window air conditioners. It lowers the efficiency of the evaporator and causes the system to work harder, and is the leading cause of breakdowns.

Be smart and have your cooling system checked before the hot weather sets in and make sure you follow any maintenance instructions the service tech gives you. This is the best way to ensure that you can stay cool all summer long .

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