Why You Need Tyvek Hooded Coveralls

Many industries require the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) so that employees can be safe while doing their job. You are responsible for ensuring that they need the PPE and that it is the right kind. In most cases, the best options are Tyvek hooded coveralls because they are durable, long-lasting and cover the entire body from head to ankle. You can also find boot covers that are sold separately to ensure that no part of the body or clothing is uncovered.

More Coverage

Because they have a hood, it covers the head and neck, two areas that could be severely injured from chemicals and other situations. The hair may be pulled back, but it will still be covered. It is a one-piece suit made of nonwoven materials so that nothing can get inside. There are no openings from shirts, and the sleeves and ankles can be elastic so that no foreign matter gets on the skin or clothing.


They are designed to be more comfortable for the wearer, even though they may not be highly breathable. The goal is not to wear Tyvek hooded coveralls for extended periods. They should only be worn for projects that require such protection and removed afterward. You’ll also find that they can be slightly tailored to be form-fitting, still allowing the person to move about freely.

Safe For Many Projects

Many times, these products are used by industrial workers in a variety of applications. They can be used for general maintenance, lead or asbestos abatement, environmental cleanups, and mold remediation. Just remember that some situations may require that you use masks or breathable air, as well.

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