What You Can See on Borneo Nature Tours

If you’ve always dreamed of a jungle adventure, then the exotic island of Borneo could be the perfect place to visit. The huge island is home to dense rainforests teeming with exotic plants and wildlife. Here are some of the wonders of nature that you can expect to see in Borneo.

A Land of Trees

The rainforests are very dense in Borneo with over 700 species of trees being recorded in just one 16-acre plot of land. Among the trees, there are also 11,000 species of flowering plants, including over 1,700 types of orchids and more than 50 species of pitcher plants. On the Borneo nature tours, you might see something interesting around the pitcher plants as they are cavernous and eat live prey after stunning them with a liquid that they produce.

Orangutan Rehab

If you are lucky, you might be able to see orangutans still in the wild but that is becoming a rare sight. However, you can visit the Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre to see where they are being protected. There is vast array of wildlife in the jungles to see on Borneo nature tours including birds, turtles, or elephants in their native habitats.

Village Visits

There are some opportunities to visit small villages in Borneo to get a glimpse of how the indigenous peoples live. On some Borneo nature tours, you can enjoy finding out about the culture and healthy lifestyles that some of the tribes enjoy. Along the way, you may also see monkeys, crocodiles, jungle cats, and a variety of other native creatures.

Visiting the rainforests of Borneo can be a life-changing experience as you can visit tribes living in the wild and witness a vast array of animals and plants in their natural element. You can even spend the night and listen to the rainforest surrounding you.

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