What is a Spine Center?

Of all the organs and bones in the human body, few are as complex or as intricate as the spine. The spine, along with your brain, encompasses everything you are: your personality, your thoughts, hopes, ambitions, dreams etc. all the way down to the tiniest thought you’ve had. As such, the spine is a fragile, complicated organ that no ordinary doctor can work on. If you live in Jacksonville, and are wondering what exactly a spine center is, find out by reading below.

What is a spine center?
A spine center is like any hospital, except it’s for a very specific field of medical science. The human spinal cord is so complex that it requires more than one doctor specializing in the study of the spine to treat. Spine centers are where these professionals meet and work, treating patients with spine-related illnesses and injuries.

What separates spine centers from normal hospitals?
Besides the specialization, the equipment and staff set spine centers apart. The staff members of a spine center are either receptionists, nurses and doctors all specializing in spine treatment and research. The equipment involved is also a big part of a spine center. Spine centers have equipment and medicine at their disposal specifically meant for treating injuries and disease in the spine. This includes traditional and laser spine surgery, treating diseases like syringomyelia or autonomic dysreflexia, or removing spinal tumors.

Why not just go to a normal hospital?
The obvious rebuttal question to spine centers is “why aren’t these professionals, equipment, and so on available at a normal hospital?” And the answer is that many hospitals do have all of these things. But the truth of the matter is that a lot of the equipment required for complex spine surgery is incredibly expensive, and not every hospital can afford it all.  While the larger hospitals in each state can likely afford the equipment costs, a spine center provides cutting edge technology without having to worry about the extra cost of maintaining a wide variety of equipment, medicine, and so on from different fields of medicine. With a spine center, you are guaranteed to have your issue addressed to the best of the doctor’s abilities.

Spine injuries and diseases used to be a lost cause without proper treatment and surgery options available. Fortunately, spine centers exist solely to treat these ailments and injuries, and they continually research new ways to keep the most important part of our bodies working properly.

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