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For patients in the Phoenix, AZ area who are in need of infusion therapy services, finding a Phoenix Infusion Center with a qualified staff and comfortable atmosphere can be difficult. Infusion therapy is the name typically given to medications being administered intravenously. This can refer to a wide variety of actual treatments, but all are generally given under close medical supervision or administered by a medical professional. For this reason, it can be tricky to find a provider who meets a patient’s needs while still fitting into the busy schedules many have to consider.

Vasco Infusion is a company whose sites and services focus exclusively on infusion treatment. By keeping our specialization within one area of therapy, we are able to offer highly trained medical personnel, private and comfortable locations that are fully equipped for the specific needs of infusion treatment, and shorter wait times than patients might encounter at traditional facilities.

A Need for a Professional Helping Hand

Unlike other courses of ongoing treatment, infusion therapy is one that must be done only when directed by and typically given directly by a doctor, nurse or other qualified professional. There are some potential hazards involved in the administration of medication intravenously. These can include:

  • Infection

  • Damage to blood vessels and surrounding areas

  • Blood clots

  • Air embolisms

  • Adverse reactions and allergies to medications administered

As a specialized provider, Vasco Infusion’s Phoenix Infusion Center is uniquely suited to handle these concerns should they arise, and patients can rest assured that their experience will be as smooth as possible.

Committed and Caring – Call Today!

Most medical insurances are accepted! Call us at 602-346-0204. We offer 24-hour support.

A skilled staff and a suitable environment to meet all of their patient’s infusion treatment needs, Vasco Infusion is a great option for those in the Phoenix, AZ area. To learn more or inquire about scheduling options, call us at 602-346-0204.

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