The Process of Making a Video

Video is now a very popular medium. Even short video clips go through a number of steps before they are ready for publishing. The first step is to write and storyboard what the video is about. After that the video must be recorded, and finally, it can be processed. This process can be simple or complex, depending on what the final product is going to be. A 30 second commercial is going to be much simpler than a feature length film; however, both will go through the same process.

Writing and Storyboard

The first step is to figure out what the content of the video will be. This step also plans out what scenes need to be shot, and what the timing will be. This is the foundation of your video, so take your time. A well thought out storyboard will help keep the filming on track, and make sure nothing is missed in shooting.


This might be as simple as interviewing a person of interest. It could complicated as taking many different angles using drones as choreographed fights happen. It really depends on what the story calls for. High quality cameras are used to ensure that the best quality raw images are captured. For scenes that will be edited into slow motion, special cameras may be needed. Look to professional video production services to help you make those decisions.

Post Processing

You now should have all the raw video clips you need to create your video. The post processing takes all those short videos, compiling them into your final product. It includes any visual effects you want, with slow motion or time-lapse being common. This is the point when any credits are added, and subtitles as well. For larger budget projects, special effect like CGI is completed in this step as well. At the end you will have a finished video that is ready for publication.

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