Steps For A Window Installation In Lawrence, Kansas

In Kansas, residential property owners schedule window installations whenever their existing windows are damaged or during remodeling projects. The process takes about one day to complete, and the installation team cleans up after the project. A local contractor provides information about the steps for a Window Installation in Lawrence Kansas.

Manage the Window Opening

The contractor leaves at least one-quarter inch around each side of the window opening. The gap allows adequate space for any adjustments during the installation. It ensures the frame and jambs fit appropriately in the opening and won’t become stuck.

Installing the Window

The window is pushed into the opening from the exterior of the property. Next, the contractor adds flashing around the window and nails it securely. The window is held firmly in place, and levels are used to ensure that the window is level and square. The shims are installed and sealed.

Secure the Window Installation

The contractor makes sure the window is plumb and then secures it with nails. The window is nailed into place from the exterior of the property. The contractor forces insulation inside each gap. Typically, fiberglass is used for these purposes, and it is secured appropriately. Any extra wood is trimmed from the window installation. The trim is installed to cover the insulation properly.

Painting the Window

Wooden windows are painted according to the homeowner’s preferences. Sealants are also applied to lower the chances of water damage. The contractor waits about 24-hours for the paint and sealants to dry completely.

Assessing the Window Installation

The next day, the window installation is tested. The window should move up and down without significant effort and shouldn’t become stuck. If the window sticks, the contractor may trim the wood around the edges to improve the fit.

In Kansas, residential property owners review window models to determine what options are best for their property. Contractors provide details about the installation process and give property owners further insight into the project requirements. Homeowners who want to learn more about a Window Installation in Lawrence Kansas can contact a contractor or visit for more information right now.

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