Reviewing Common Factors With A Divorce Attorney In Bainbridge Island

In Washington, petitioners review the process of getting a divorce to determine if they have omitted any steps. Any mistakes in the proceedings could lead to unwanted delays or a dismissal of the case entirely. A Divorce Attorney in Bainbridge Island leads the petitioner through the entire process completely.

How It Starts

The divorce summons, agreement, and response form are sent to the defendant. Typically, the papers are delivered by a court officer. This strategy helps the petitioner avoid any conflict associated with the defendant. If the court officer delivered the papers, the defendant cannot claim that they didn’t receive the papers. Thorough records of the delivery are obtained for each divorce case.

The Defendant’s Response

The defendant must sign a response form or contact the petitioner’s attorney. They have a period of sixty days to respond to the divorce summons. If the defendant doesn’t respond before the end of this time period, the judge can issue a default judgment. This indicates that the defendant has failed to respond. Essentially, this indicates that they aren’t fighting the divorce or contesting the terms of the divorce. Once signed, the divorce is finalized by the judge.

The Divorce Agreement

The divorce agreement provides details about which party receives certain marital property and assets. It also defines which party receives custody and the value of child support payments. If the petitioner is seeking alimony, the terms associated with the payments are outlined in the agreement as well.

Associated Waiting Periods

Typically, the waiting period is sixty days after the papers are filed. Once this duration has passed, the final decree is signed by a judge and sent to both parties. All terms of the divorce are enforced by the court as well. This includes protection against harassment for each party.

In Washington, petitioners follow specific guidelines to file for a divorce. The guidelines define how the divorce papers must be delivered and all associated waiting periods imposed by the court. The terms of the divorce agreement define requirements for each party. Petitioners who want to start a divorce contact a Divorce Attorney in Bainbridge Island for more information now.

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