Rehabilitation Center Treatment Programs

Rehabilitation centers are critical for those that have substance abuse problems and need to break their addiction. When you become addicted to a drug or alcohol, your body becomes dependent on continuing to consume it. A lot of times, the process of quitting is a lot more complicated than simply stopping cold turkey. There are many cases where an addict cannot safely stop using the drug without risking serious health competitions. In fact, sometimes withdrawal symptoms can be so severe that they can actually cause serious illness or even death while the addict is attempting to quit. In these types of serious cases, it is recommended that someone who is suffering from an addiction seeks help from a Malibu rehabilitation center.

A Malibu rehabilitation center has the staff and resources to help people recover from their addictions. It is a long and difficult road to go down; however, if anyone can do it, they are the right people for the job. The people at the Malibu rehabilitation center have been helping addicts recover and return to normal and healthy lives for years. They have changed countless lives for the better and are continuing to do the same for many others.

Inpatient Rehab

There are two main different types of treatment programs that an addict can enter. The first is called an inpatient rehabilitation program. This program will require the patient to check themselves in the rehabilitation center for up to a full year. Throughout this time, they will learn how to break their addiction and will begin their new life in sobriety. An inpatient rehabilitation program is used for people that have a history of relapsing outside of the program or are attempting to recover from a heavy addiction.

Outpatient Rehab

The other type of recovery option is an outpatient rehabilitation program. This type of program is typically reserved for those that have a more manageable addiction or people that do not have a history of relapsing throughout their recovery. The outpatient program allows the addict to continue their life outside of the rehab facility. They will be expected to attend regular meetings and progress through the 12 step program if that is what they decide to do.

There are two types of patient rehab programs at Serenity Malibu – outpatient and inpatient. Depending on the patient’s needs, we have a program that is designed to help our clients fully recover.

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