Precision Pulley: Wing Pulleys

Since 1997, Precision Pulley and Idler (PPI) have been producing quality components for conveyor belts. This, their focus is one that most Texas companies and distributors would not dispute. The two major types of pulleys PPI manufacture are major types are drum and wing. Each comes in a variety of types; each offers its users advantages. This article will look at the major characteristics and benefits of the company’s wing pulley.

What Is a Wing Pulley?

A wing pulley has wings – also known as fins. These act as removers of loose materials. Often referred to as self-cleaning pulleys, they possess open areas or voids. These create a non-stick surface. When loose material touches the wing pulley, its falls away from the surface, it contacts. This makes it perfect for the tail end of many bulk handling systems.

Types of Wing Pulleys

Precision Pulley and Idler produces several types of wing pulleys. Among the ones currently available are the following models:

 * Heavy Duty Wing Pulley (HDW)
 * Mine Duty Wing Pulley (MDW): This type serves more demanding bulk handling applications including those with extreme loading
 * Spiral Wing Pulley: Generally in use where continuous contact is essential
 * Quarry Max Duty Wing Pulley (QMW)
 * Herringbone Wing® Conveyor Pulley

The major differences among types are the component thickness. Heavy Duty, for example, is less thick than Mine Duty.

These various types of wing pulleys serve various industries globally. These include mining and quarrying. In Texas, they find employment in a variety of industrial concerns – particularly at the end of lines involving bulk product handling.

Precision Pulley

Precious Pulley and Idler works hard to provide all its clients with reliable, durable, high-quality pulleys. While some companies in Texas install drum pulleys, many other utilize the unique qualities of the wing pulley to move and keep the line moving at the very end uncluttered with debris.

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