Potential Benefits of Arthritis Injections in Sacramento, CA

Arthritis pain isn’t pleasant and can keep people from going about their regular daily activities. There are a few different treatments that may be able to help people better deal with this pain. Besides the basic lifestyle modification and home care treatments, including resting more, hot and cold therapy, physical therapy, and weight loss, one potential solution is to try one of the various types of Arthritis Injections in Sacramento CA. These may be helpful for those that don’t get enough relief from over-the-counter pain medication or who can’t take this type of medication. Injections could also lengthen the amount of time before a joint-replacement surgery becomes necessary.

Corticosteroid Injections

Injections of corticosteroids can help to limit immune response, and thus inflammation, in the affected area. However, not everyone gets the same results, and the relief from arthritis pain after an injection typically doesn’t last for more than a couple months even for those who benefit from these Arthritis Injections in Sacramento CA. Also, the risk of side effects increases as the number of shots received goes up. At most, patients should get no more than four of these shots each year. Otherwise, the injections could actually damage the joints.

Hyaluronic Acid Injections

Another alternative to corticosteroid injections is hyaluronic acid injections. While they may not help everyone, these shots can help replace the hyaluronic acid that is often lacking in the joints of those suffering from arthritis. This helps keep the joints more lubricated, potentially minimizing both stiffness and pain. Relief may not occur with the first injection, however, and it can take as much as five weeks before symptoms decrease. While approximately 30 percent of arthritis sufferers find these shots get rid of almost all pain, another 20 percent get no noticeable benefit from the shots. When effective, hyaluronic acid injections may provide up to six months of relief from pain. So far, they’re mainly approved for use in the knee joints.

Visit Dr. Scott Fujii M.D. for more information about potential arthritis treatments. He’ll help determine the right treatment given your situation, whether this is injections of some other alternative.

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