It Is Always Best To Trust Your Dealer For Service

If you want your new car to run like new for years then you have to maintain it well. It is a well known fact that there are two “real” choices to get Ford service in Barrington; the dealer’s service department and independent garages. Which of these do you want to entrust your new car too?

Technical knowledge: The technicians that work on your car at the dealership are trained specialists. These people have had intensive factory supported training and they typically only work on those vehicles sold by the dealership. Manufacturers are very good at offering on-going training programs for the technicians as well as the service advisors and service manager. By doing this the dealership knows that it can offer their customers the best service possible.

One of the biggest assets of any dealership is its staff of trained and skilled technicians.

Customer satisfaction: Dealers that offer Ford service in Barrington are proud of the makes and models they represent, every department must measure up to the high standards set by the vehicle manufacturer if they wish to succeed. Dealer principals know that if a customer is unhappy with any part of the service they are expected to provide, they will not hesitate to lodge a complaint with the manufacturer.

Guarantees: When it comes to warranties, dealers win hands down. As long s your car is under the manufacturer’s warranty the dealer will repair it at no cost to you. Eventually your car will no longer be covered under warranty but that does not mean that you should seek an alternative to service it. Ford service in Barrington will always back up the repairs they make with a warranty; if the repair fails, the dealer will correct the problem for free.

Although an independent service shop might do a decent job, when everything is taken into account there is little doubt that you get the best when you trust your car to the dealer when service is required.

If you are looking for a dealership that will provide high quality Ford service in Barrington then you are invited to take your car into Arlington Heights Ford.

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