Invisalign in DC for a Better Experience

Many of us remember having braces on our teeth as teenagers. We also remember all of the social pain, anxiety, embarrassment and teen angst that went along with them! If you went through this and you now have kids of your own, you may be fearing that they will also have to endure the slings and arrows that you did as a teenager with braces. The good news is that modern dentistry has improved pretty significantly in this area, and metal braces are just one of the options available today.

An Invisible Solution

Invisalign braces have really taken off in popularity in recent years. As hated as those old metal braces are, advancements in software and dentistry have resulted in a solution that is practically invisible! The following are just some of the ways in which Washington DC Invisalign braces can benefit your teenage children:

 * Almost invisible: Unlike those metal monstrosities, Invisalign braces are made of a molded surgical dental plastic that fits snugly around the teeth. The braces themselves are transparent, which means that they are not visible to most people, unless they look very closely.

 * Social: The fact that they are difficult to see also means that your sensitive teenagers will not have to endure the verbal sticks and stones that you did when you were younger. They can go out with their friends and remain naturally confident because they don’t have to feel self-conscious about their smile!

 * Removable: The other great thing about Invisalign in DC is that the braces themselves are removable at any time. This means that your socially active teen can remove them to eat an especially junk food-laden meal or drink a soft drink without having to be concerned about bits getting stuck!

Invisalign braces are truly a revolution in orthodontic technology. The fact that they have become very popular is testimony to their benefits to teens across the nation!

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