How to Work in Sports No Matter Where You Live

When it comes to finding the right sports job, location plays a major factor in landing these particular occupations. You have a better opportunity of getting a sports job in a more sparsely populated area; however, these jobs are low pay with little room for advancement. While you can enjoy being a big part of a small community, you will never factor into larger markets.

Therefore, the goal of this article is to go over the benefits of some of the major sports markets in the country. In the United States, many different markets offer a broad range of sports jobs. For example, a smaller market such as San Antonio has incredibly passionate fans for the one market they factor into, basketball. New York, on the other hand, has several professional sports teams in many different leagues and associations. Where San Antonio offers you a personal experience, New York will offer you many different opportunities.

When evaluating where you want to work, it is important to consider cost of living expenses along with prioritizing the things that are personally meaningful to you. Some of those things may include the dining and entertainment scene, weather, mass transit availability, and the city’s politics. The following list is not comprehensive; however, it does profile some of the bigger markets and what it takes to work there.

  • New York Sports Jobs: New York is the largest sports market in the United States. It has two teams in the MLB, NFL, NBA, MLS and three in the NHL. New York is also home to all the league offices and the center for broadcasting. Therefore, the city offers a broad range of sports jobs New York. However, these positions are extremely competitive. The key to getting a sports job in New York is putting yourself above the competition. The best way to start is getting an internship. An internship will allow you to create connections and make a positive impression. New York is also one of the highest paying places to work in sports; however, the cost of living is enormously high. There are, though, cheaper living and transportation options to help you survive while working your way up.
  • Los Angeles Sports Jobs: The entertainment capital of the world has two MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLS teams along with a vibrant college sports scene. Finding sports jobs in Los Angeles is also quite competitive; however, Los Angeles offers great opportunities for sports agents. If you are interested in representation as a career, Los Angeles is headquarters to many different agencies as well as other types of entertainment opportunities. Besides working as an agent, there are many opportunities in sports broadcasting. The key to working in Los Angeles is being willing to make the appropriate effort in putting yourself above the competition. Unlike New York, Los Angeles has great weather and, therefore, attracts more people. Other things that factor into working in Los Angeles include the high cost of living and limited public transportation options. Like New York, getting an internship is critical to obtain a job in your desired area. If you can do well as an intern; however, the Los Angeles sport’s world could have a lot to offer.
  • Boston Sports Jobs: Boston has a single team in the MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL and MLS. With one team in each of the four major sports and MLS. Compared to New York or Los Angeles, Boston could seem like a small sports market; however, Boston sports has an extremely passionate fan base. They publicly scrutinize any move that a Boston team makes. Therefore, each job will come with immense pressure to provide results. If you thrive in a high-pressure environment, there are ways into the market. One good thing about Boston is its collegiate location. It is right in the middle of nearly two dozen of America’s most prestigious universities. Since many of these universities connect with Boston sports organizations, sports internships available to college students will be competitive. There are other ways into the market though. Another great way to work into the Boston sports scene is affiliating yourself with the local minor league teams. You can also apply for internships or jobs with teams outside the Boston area. If you can get the appropriate experience outside of Boston, then you will have an edge when teams within are looking to fill a position.
  • Chicago Sports Jobs: Chicago is America’s third largest city and boasts two MLB teams and one team in the NFL, NBA, NHL and MLS. This city, like Boston, has a passionate fandom. However, Chicago is a very tight community. One upside to the Chicago sports scene is its vibrant involvement in college athletics. The key to getting sports jobs in Chicago is demonstrating proficiency. The best way to demonstrate your proficiency is working with one of the several minor league clubs around Chicago. Once you build experience, you will have more value to offer for positions in the major league clubs. Like in the other markets, internships are another way to begin your career in the sports community. Chicago universities offer unique sports internship opportunities that will help get you connected to the Chicago sports market. Besides the opportunities, other factors to working in Chicago are the high cost of living and a good public transportation system. Therefore, if you are willing to apply yourself, Chicago offers great opportunities to help fulfill your goal of working in sports.
  • Houston Sports Jobs: Houston is America’s fourth largest city, and it has the representation of at least one team in each major sport except hockey. In Houston, there is a huge market for college football. Therefore, if you want to work in the Houston sports jobs market and love college football, there could be plenty of opportunities. Houston sports jobs are also less competitive than the markets mentioned above. So there are more openings available. Houston organizations, especially the baseball and basketball teams, rely heavily on sabermetric analysis. If you have a strong analytics background and are talented in coming up with fresh ways to evaluate talent, the Houston sports market will place a high value on you. Other factors that set Houston apart is its low cost of living.

The markets profiled above are the biggest in the country, but other sports markets that have lots of opportunities as well include the San Francisco Bay area, Las Vegas, Miami, Seattle, Washington, DC and even Denver. Sports are a massive part of American society; therefore, when looking for these jobs, there are a lot of different factors to consider besides just the job opportunity. Therefore, before you enter a particular job market, it is important to understand the weight of the market itself. Having a complete consideration of the opportunity will, ultimately, lead to success.

No matter the market, working in sports is an exciting career option that is both engaging and challenging. The challenges you face will ultimately help you grow professionally and personally. The markets listed above are just a small sample of the fantastic career opportunities there are in the sports world. The keys to being successful in it are the same as other industries: put yourself out there, put the effort in and be dedicated to the team’s overall success. Mastering those three things will lead to a prosperous career in your desired area.

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