How Often Do You Need an Oil Change in Wilkes Barre, PA?

The standard rule of thumb is that you need an oil change every three thousand miles; however, that is a line that has been in place for a very long time. When people settled on three thousand miles for a change, the most common oil being used was natural motor oil. Vehicles were burning much more oil and much dirtier fuel. Is that still a good rule of thumb, or does it need to be modified?

What Type of Oil?

The type of oil you choose is important to how often you need an oil change in Wilkes Barre, PA. If you are using a natural motor oil, you will likely need a change about every three thousand miles. The natural motor oils are most commonly used for classic cars that were designed to take it. There are also some newer motor oils that are made from petroleum products, but they are enhanced and refined. In a newer vehicle, these oils probably only need to be changed about every five thousand miles. If the car is malfunctioning in some way, the oil might need to be changed more often.

You should visit a place such as T & F Tire Service & Supply Company, Inc. after about three thousand miles to see if you need a change.


If you are using synthetic oil, you will not need to have your oil changed nearly as often. An oil change becomes necessary when dirt, grime, and ash build up in the oil and cause it to lose some of its lubricating ability. If you are using synthetic oil, it will maintain that ability, sometimes as much as three times as long as natural oil. You still need to consult a professional about changing your oil after about three thousand miles, though. They’ll tell you how much longer you have before you need a change.

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