Guidelines to Follow When Hiring Heating and Air Conditioning Contractors

If your home is in need of heating and air conditioning repair in Edmonton, AB, there are requirements you must look for before choosing the right company. Follow these steps to make sure your unit gets the best care.

Ask for Referrals

Before you begin your search, ask your friends, neighbors, and people you work with for contractor referrals. You should also read online reviews and check out company websites.

Contact References

After you have a list of potential companies, you should ask them for a list of their references. You must take full advantage of this, and call those references. When you call, you should have questions ready to ask them such as, how they viewed the company’s work ethic, did their budget stay on track and anything else that you deem significant.

Home Evaluation

A reputable contracting business should always want to spend a substantial amount of time inspecting your unit and examining what is wrong. Their technicians should have the expertise to tell you if the size of your system is incorrect, or if there is something else happening to hinder its proper functioning. Excellent contractors also perform an inspection of the ductwork on your unit to check for any possible leaks as well as making sure it is up to par with all essential standards.


When you are comparing several contractors’ proposals, make sure that you evaluate several vital elements such as, cost, whether or not the units are energy efficient, and what warranties are provided. Remember, the lowest estimate does not always mean it is the best choice, especially if it is not energy-saving. Over time, a non-efficient unit is going to cost you more. Get the best price that coincides with the most excellent work.

Written Proof

All reputable contractors should make sure that you sign a written agreement before they begin work. This piece of paper ensures that you are protected from added costs and keeps you knowledgeable about everything that is entailed with your job. No contract, no work! For more information visit Capital Plumbing & Heating Ltd.

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