Finding the Best Dog Bite Lawyer in Nassau County, NY

Those who have ever been attacked by a dog understand just how upsetting the incident can be. Millions of dog bites happen every year, and the injuries can be severe, ranging from lacerations and superficial puncture wounds to broken bones. In extreme cases, there have been people who have ended up being paralyzed and, in some cases, the results have been fatal.

This is why it is so imperative to find dog bite lawyer in Nassau County, NY if one is ever bitten. A good attorney can show them that they may be entitled to a personal injury claim against the dog’s owner (responsible person) and, hopefully, the victim will be fairly compensated for their pain and suffering.

Those who have suffered a dog bite need to hire an attorney who will guide them through the process, and that not only knows the laws but also understands the medical implications. In New York, the owner of a dog that is deemed dangerous is liable for any emergency room treatment and other medical expenses resulting from dog bites.

In addition to being held liable for a victim’s medical bills, the owner could be required to pay a fine if it is determined that the owner’s negligence was the cause of a dog bite to either another person or even other dogs such as service dogs, guide dogs, or hearing dogs. For more information, victims should visit where they can learn more about the Law Office of Steven R. Smith. They’ll learn quickly about the aggressive attorneys ready to fight for their rights.

When one is in need of a dog bite lawyer in Nassau County, NY, they need to hire an attorney who understands all facets of personal injury law. Dog bites can result in very high medical bills. Oftentimes, victims are unable to return to work while they heal, especially when the bite results in a bone fracture or a head, neck or back injury. By hiring an experienced and aggressive attorney, a victim can seek a personal injury claim and hold the owner responsible for their injuries. Visit the website for more information.

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