Dental spas, the ultimate approach to dental care

For many people just the thoughts alone of visiting their dentist are enough to create unnecessary anxiety and fear. This comes as no surprise to dentists so in order to put their patients at ease they are beginning to adopt many procedures that you would normally expect when you visit a day spa. New York spa dentistry provides a welcoming, comfortable environment which relaxes rather than tenses patients.

Plenty of perks:

There are numerous benefits of spa dentistry, as well as providing a thoroughly relaxing environment; it also makes the job of the dentist easier. It is a fact that when dental patients are relaxed there is far less chance of an injury as patients do not jerk and squirm awhile the dentist is performing a procedure. New York spa dentistry offers a drug-free alternative to sedation dentistry which of course relies on nitrous oxide and medication.

Typical amenities that you can expect to find in a dental spa include aromatherapy, neck support pillows, blankets, soft music played through head phones, massage therapy and more.

The spa experience does not end with personal treatment, the décor along with the lighting, special treatment chairs adds to the wonderful experience. Whatever amenities and perks that are provided, they are all designed to reduce your stress level.

The cosmetic dentistry connection:

Many dentists that provide comprehensive cosmetic dental services have embraced the dental spa concept. Popular cosmetic dental treatments include teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, crowns, dental implants and more.

In the past dental offices tended to be very impersonal, today this feeling has been replaced with a far more relaxing environment that starts in the waiting room. Today, don’t be surprised to see beautiful works of art, fireplaces and elegant furnishings gracing the waiting room. Rather than see dental assistants garbed in scrubs, you will now see them tastefully attired, ready to greet you by name.

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