Dental Onlays in Nipomo, CA Can Help Your Tooth Pain Today

For some people, their mouths are sources of trouble and discomfort. If you’re experiencing pain in your mouth, make an appointment with a great dentist near you today who offers a relaxing environment and makes every procedure as painless as possible. If you’re having pain, it could be possible that you have a damaged tooth. In this case, your dentist will determine what needs to be done; however, if the tooth is not damaged enough for a crown, he or she may consider putting on dental onlays. This is a way to cover parts of the tooth that are damaged without covering the whole thing as a crown would. Dental onlays are durable and may prevent future issues, so ask your dentist about them today.


When putting a covering on a tooth, you want to make sure that it will be able to withstand the stress that will be put on it by your everyday activities such as chewing. Dental onlays, if properly maintained, can last up to 30 years! This is a great option for circumstances in which a tooth is damaged but not quite enough to warrant a whole crown. It can cause damage to put a crown on a tooth if it’s not necessary so dental onlays are a great alternative. Schedule an appointment today to see if dental onlays can help you!

Prevent Future Issues

Onlays can also prevent further issues with your tooth by covering up the damage so that it doesn’t get worse. Leaving a damaged tooth untreated will cause many problems and much pain for you in the long run. Don’t let this happen to you! Make sure that you get any tooth pain checked out as soon as you can by a dentist. Search online for dental onlays in Nipomo, CA to find a great dentist near you and find out if dental onlays are the solution to your tooth pain.

Don’t continue living in pain. If you think that you may have tooth damage, make an appointment with your dentist to discuss the options for fixing the problem. Make sure that any procedure that he or she does will stay durable and prevent future issues from occurring. Call today!

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