An Overview Of Medical Studies In The USA

For 10+2 students in India, the option to complete medical studies in the USA offers several opportunities and benefits that are different than those offered by completing a program of study in the country.

With a quality, approved school and support from a top educational consulting firm, students and parents can be assured that the medical studies in the USA, which will result in earning an MD or Doctor of Medicine, will meet the same rigorous standards as those offered at medical schools in India. The MBBS or Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery, is recognized in many countries is the same as the MD designation in the United States.

Academic Focus

While going off to complete medical studies in the USA, particularly in beautiful locations such as a St. Lucia, West Indies, offers a lot of opportunities to see an amazing part of the world, students will find that their studies will occupy most of their time.

Academics will include a pre-medical program that will provide the student with the required 142 credit hour BS degree. Upon completion, students will matriculate into the more advanced MD program. This will include basic medical sciences, pre-clinical didactics, and integration of basic and clinical sciences.

While there are required or compulsory courses, there are also electives. These fourteen weeks of electives provide students with the opportunity to focus their studies on their own area of interested in the treatment of patients.

Life Outside of School

Well-developed support programs exist in the top medical colleges. These programs offer a range of different student events throughout the year to give the students a chance to interact and to learn more about the area. This is also ideal to give young adults a chance to experience different cultures and parts of the world in a safe, supportive and supervised fashion.

If you are interested in medical studies in the USA, talk to our medical education consultants at Renaissance Education.

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