A Dentist In Annapolis Can Give You A Hollywood Smile

Beautiful white teeth don’t always come naturally. Just like everyone’s skin tone is different, so is their teeth. A beautiful white smile is what everyone is usually born with, but over the years, food, medication, beverages, illness, injury, and age can take their toll on the whites of the teeth and the condition of an individual’s smile. Whitening in a dental office can result in amazingly white teeth that attract people’s attention and make someone feel good about themselves. A Dentist Annapolis can whiten teeth in an hour instead of weeks like home kits from a store will take. In addition, whitening kits purchased in a store can cause lip and gum irritation that can take weeks to go away.

Straight teeth are another thing that many individuals aren’t born with. Shifting of the teeth in the jawbone can crowd teeth. A smaller jawbone without the right spacing can cause the teeth to arrive crooked in the mouth. Metal braces are not an option for many individuals because they don’t want other people to only see their silvery smile. Invisalign is a great option for these types of individuals. Invisalign is a series of clear retainers that gently move the teeth into the proper position. The retainers can be taken out to brush, floss or eat. They move the teeth in the same way metal braces do and it takes approximately the same amount of time.

When a patient visits a Dentist Annapolis, they can be guaranteed that they will be treated as an individual. The staff is highly-trained and will listen to each patient’s concerns. All of the dental procedures will be clearly explained by the dentist and they will answer any questions a patient has. The staff understands a great smile starts with healthy gums and teeth and will work with each patient to achieve and maintain that goal. Whether an individual needs their teeth clean or a dental implant, they will always be treated with the best dental care in the area.

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