3 Ways to Keep Your Walk in Freezer in Maple Grove MN in Good Working Condition

Owning a Walk In Freezer in Maple Grove MN requires more upkeep than a regular freezer. A walk-in is a big investment; so think seriously about it before buying one. You will not only need to account for the price of the freezer and the refrigeration unit, but also for repairs and replacements in the future. If you have just purchased a walk-in freezer, you may have some questions about how to keep it in good condition.

Clean it Twice a Year

Make sure to clean the evaporator coil at least twice a year to avoid bigger problems in the future. If the refrigeration unit is outside, keep lawn maintenance up, so weeds do not restrict airflow. Clean the blades of the fan occasionally for better airflow, as well. Make sure to clean the inside of the freezer so that it stays sanitary, and parts don’t need immediate replacing.

Maintain the Correct Temperature

The main reason walk-ins lose cool temperatures is because the door is left open; remember to only open doors when in use and close completely afterward. Switching lights off is also important, as lights can produce heat and mess with the temperature. Monitor the freezer temperature with a thermometer on the inside, to get the best reading. If you experience a power outage, keep the freezer closed to trap the cold inside; if you’re worried a power outage will last a long time, invest in a generator.

Keep the Freezer Organized

Separate your products accordingly so that they are easily found without spending too much time in the freezer. Don’t stack boxes or crates too close to the door or the overhead lights as this will mess with the temperature. Do not use chemically treated cleaners, as it can harm the food and surfaces. Always clean up after spills, so there is no risk of safety hazards like slipping.

Now that you are aware of what it takes to keep a Walk In Freezer in Maple Grove MN working correctly, you can prevent costly repairs. If you are in need of repairs, go to twincitymechanical.com and contact their refrigeration repair specialists. They will provide you with top quality service, as well as installing your new or used walk-in freezer. Before making a purchase, browse the website for the brands they will be able to install and repair for you.

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